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TonerTopUp supplies refill toner for laser printers, fax machines and copiers from the UK. We supply bottles of toner and laser printer refill kits to make refilling cartridges easy. Laser toner cartridges can be simply refilled several times to save you money. Environmentally friendly! We supply HP Hewlett Packard Brother Canon Epson Lexmark Konica Minolta QMS OKI Samsung Xerox laser refill toner and many other types!

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Refill toner will slash your costs!

Save money by buying a refill toner kit and DIY refilling your printer cartridge.

Replacement laser printer cartridges are expensive, sometimes more than the the printer cost you to buy.

You can fill your cartridge with a bottle of our refill toner and save up to 87% of the cost of a new, replacement cartridge. The manufacturers don't want you to know that cartridges can be reused many times. It is their major source of profits!
How much will you save with refill toner? Well that depends on what printer you have and how well you are currently buying. We can normally save new clients around 50% on the cost of their printer cartridges, whether new or remanufactured.

What printer do you have?

You can use refill toner with fax and photocopier cartridges too!
It's easy to refill your cartridge!
  Don’t scrap it. Revive it with fresh toner powder!
Unplug and pour! - Many laser printers, fax machines and copiers have a built in filler plug or shutter. Topping up with toner is as simple as removing the plug or opening the shutter and pouring it in with our special funnel!

Unscrew, unplug and pour! - Others have a few screws to undo first before you reach the filler plug.

Melt hole and pour! - Some manufacturers make it a little harder and you need to melt your own filler hole in the cartridge using our special tool. It takes seconds and thereafter the cartridge is easily fillable.

It is quick and mess-free! DIY refilling takes just minutes. We provide everything you need for a quick, mess-free, professional job. Our funnel top seals onto the bottle making it easy to pour in the contents.

Instructions For most models we provide specific, step by step instructions. Pictures show how to access the existing filler hole or where to make a new hole in the cartridge. They include information on preparing your work-surface and handling the refill toner without mess. We include special tips on resetting the cartridge where appropriate.

  Specific instructions are provided for most printers. Read general instructions for refill toner here!  

Does it work?
Of course it does! The great thing about filling up with powder is that you don’t disturb the inner workings of the cartridge. If it was working well when it ran out, then filling will revive it.
Read what our customers say about refill toner!

How many times?
Typically, a new or remanufactured cartridge will last for at least another two fills before you lose quality or something goes wrong. It depends on the type. Those which do not contain an imaging drum will often last for 5 or more fills as the drums are usually the first element to wear out.
Read a case study!

Good quality results?
All of our powders are specifically formulated for the models for which we supply them. They have been fully tested by the manufacturers. We guarantee that they will not damage your printer, neither will they void your warranty! (We do not supply so called “Universal toners” and professionals don’t use them!) The first time you fill, the quality should be the same as when it ran out.

By reusing your cartridges, you remain in control of the quality of your print. Components in the cartridge will degrade or fail in time, and you can decide yourself when the time has come to start with a new one. Any unused powder can be used in another cartridge so there is no waste.

(Colour powders can show colour and finish variations from the original.)

Read what our customers say!

What printer do you have?

Wide product range

We believe that we have the largest retail range in the world!
We supply over 600 types for over 12,000 models. These range from old printers that are still in use, like the original Hewlett-Packard Laserjet, to small, modern desk lasers, like the Samsung ML-1610. We supply products for high volume A3 printers from the old Canon LBP-WX to the new colour Xante Illumina and for colour multifunction printers like the Brother MFC-9420 CN.

If we can get it and save you money, we will stock it for you! .

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A small selection of our wide range of products!

What our customers say about us!

Our products are used by a wide range of customers. These include schools, university departments, estate agents, photographers, industrial users, commercial printers, direct mail houses, publishers, marketers, restaurants, and other businesses large and small. We also supply to charities, churches, social organisations and many individuals.

"Thank you for your prompt delivery of the toner, which I received today. The refilling of the cartridges worked out without any problems and the prints look perfect.
I appreciated your friendly communication and the very well structured website which makes navigation and ordering very easy. I can only recommend your products and services. "

"Can I take the time to thank you for your considerate service and that your product was a breeze to use and gives as good a result as the original. I will continue to use your products and will endorse them to others that I may make contact with.
Regards Joe"

Read more of what our customers say!

What printer do you have?

Other useful information
  Our Home page and other links below give more information on the following subjects which may be of interest to you.

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What printer do you have?

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It's not dead, just empty!


Top up your cartridge with our high quality toner and you will give it a new lease of life. You don't scrap your car when it runs out of petrol, do you? No, you refill it! Most cartridges can be filled several times before essential components begin to wear.


Rapid growth of colour

Use of colour laser printers is growing rapidly. With four colours and lots of pictures a lot of toner is used. The savings from DIY filling can be large.

New chemical type toner
For many models we supply micro-fine "chemical" toner like the original branded supplies. This is a new type of product which is manufactured by polymerisation in solution and not by the traditional process of grinding up of the fused ingredients. The resulting fine and even particles ensure high resolution and efficiency so that the colours blend smoothly.

Our colour guarantee
Since colour and finish can vary, we suggest that you test to your satisfaction one bottle at a time. As with all our supplies we guarantee that the powder will not damage your printer and we have an unconditional refund policy for unopened bottles.


Find out more about our range of colour toners.


Bottles with leaves
New products

The development and testing of compatible supplies and chips is a complicated and expensive process. It is only undertaken for the more popular models and can take some time. We aim to make powders and chips available as soon as they are released.

If refill toner for your model is not in our database or shown as not yet available, please contact us anyway. We will save your enquiry and let you know as soon as a compatible product is released.

Email us now

Some recent models for which we supply toner:

Hewlett Packard LJ 4250 4350
Hewlett Packard LJ 1160 1320
Hewlett Packard 1600 2600 Colour
Hewlett Packard 4700 Colour
Hewlett Packard 4730 Colour
Brother HL-5250 5270 5280 8460N
Brother HL-2600 CN Colour
Brother MFC-9680
Brother HL 2030 2040
Epson Aculaser C1100 Colour
Epson Aculaser C2600N Colour
Lexmark C522 C524N Colour
Lexmark C750 C762 Colour
Lexmark E120
Oki B4100 B4200 B4300
Oki C3200 Colour series
Oki C5450 Colour series
Oki C7550 Colour series
Oki C9500 Colour series
Panasonic Panafax UF 490
Samsung ML-2510 2570
Samsung CLP-600
Xerox Docucolor 12
Xerox Phaser 4500
Xerox WorkCentre Pro 428
Xante Illumina Digital Colour Press

Secure online ordering

We use Protx, a well known Internet card handler, for secure credit card payments. We never see your card details. You may also pay by Paypal, cheque or bank transfer.

if you prefer not to order online you can also phone, fax or email us your order. We do not store your card details if you give them to us over the phone.

We aim to despatch all orders on the same day when payment is received before 3:30pm and it is rare that we are out of stock.
(Monday - Friday excluding Bank Holidays)

Standard UK delivery is by 1st class Royal Mail letter post. About 94% of these orders arrive on the next day. For large orders standard UK delivery is by next day courier.

Standard delivery is free for all UK orders over £50 plus Vat.

Warranty and policies
  We want our customers to come back to us time and again and so we do our best to support you in every way we can.

We guarantee that all our toners are specifically qualified for the models for which they are sold and will not damage your printer. We accept back unopened bottles for refund without question.
(possibly less a postage and packaging allowance)

We respect your privacy and hate spam. We will only ever use the contact information you have given us to contact you when we believe it is in your own best interests.

Read our full warranty and policy statements.


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