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TonerTopUp supplies toner refills for laser printers, fax machines and copiers from the UK. We supply bottles of toner and laser printer refill kits to make refilling cartridges easy. Laser toner cartridges can be simply refilled several times to save you money. Environmentally friendly! We supply HP Hewlett Packard Brother Canon Epson Lexmark Konica Minolta QMS OKI Samsung Xerox laser refill toner and many other types!

What cost savings will you make using refills from TonerTopUp?

We present historic figures comparing the cost buying in four ways:

A Refill toner from TonerTopUp.

B New cartridges bought from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

C The same bought from a discount supplier.

D Remanufactured or compatible cartridges.

We apologise for the fact that we have not updated these figures. It is a major exercise to do so.


Find out here!

In each case we show the cost saving you will make both in pounds and as a percentage if you switch to TonerTopUp refills.

Because of the large amount of data (still incomplete) we present the figures on separate sheets according to the manufacturer.

Click on the letter that your equipment manufacturer's name begins with:

A to C
D to H
I to L
M to P
Q to S
T to Z


These are large pages that will be slow to load.

Prices are taken off OEM websites at 27th April 2003 and from the current Viking catalogue valid on the same date (or for remanufactured cartridges off the R & R Supplies website). Clearly pricing is a very fluid matter and you may be buying at some different rate. These prices and the calculated savings should be taken as indicative only, providing a snapshot in April 2003 that is hopefully useful but not definitive. This major study was undertaken to provide visible evidence of savings. Although the detailed data is now out of date, the current overall position will be similar.

Where only a low capacity cartridge is offered and where appropriate, the price has been scaled up by the rated number of sheets to compare with a high volume cartridge.

Where our product covers several different cartridges, the lowest priced one has generally been used in the comparison. For example, we provide the same high quality toner for the HP5000, HP4100 and the earlier HP4000. We have used the HP4000 and 4100 cartridge OEM price of £109.31 instead of the price for the HP5000 of £139.64 in our comparison. The savings are therefore even higher for the HP5000.

There is finally only ONE cost saving that matters to YOU..... and that is how much YOU save! For all our efforts to tie down these comparable prices, finally you should look at how much buying TonerTopUp toner will save YOU. We hope that you, like us, will save a substantial sum!

80 to 90% of all cartridges bought in the UK are made by the OEM. This is a much higher percentage than in the USA or Germany for instance where there is more pressure for both cost and environmental reasons to use remanufactured or refilled cartridges.

In many cases the same engine is used by many different manufacturers with different prices for their brand of consumables. The OEM prices below have been taken from Hewlett Packard, Lexmark, Brother, Epson, OKI, Panasonic, NEC, Star, Apple Xerox, Tektronix and Sharp. There is considerable overlap where a single price has been taken. These cover the major manufacturers and can be considered broadly representative.





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