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Finding home based internet businesses line

Finding home based internet businesses

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Home based internet businesses - There is so much hype around on the Internet about programs that promise you instant money with no effort that it is difficult to cut through this dross and see the real opportunities that do exist. One of the problems is that there is a lot invested in selling the information in how to make money on the Internet. In fact if you look around and follow some of the links we provide later, there is no need whatever to pay for the advice and skills training you will need to be a success in this field. There is everything you need to know offered free. So start with that as a first rule!

That is not to say you will not need to pay for some services and maybe some software to set up your home based Internet business. Web hosting will only be free if there are strings attached. A good program for efficiently building your web pages, such as Macromedia's Dreamweaver or possibly Microsoft Frontpage, will save you a load of time and make complex things simple. You may also find good all round web marketing software like Web Position Gold a tremendous tool for getting the best results from your Search Engine Optimisation work to gain the all important high rankings in the search engines.

It is important to build a clear and realistic picture in your mind of what you are really embarking upon. No path is completely straightforward and all successful ones involve a lot of work, but if you are persistent and focused you can achieve your goals. For the most part though, good home based Internet businesses are built from basics– you should avoid the “turn-key” offers that you see everywhere offering to completely set you up in your own business. You should avoid schemes that appear to pay you for doing nothing. Such offers usually are home based business income opportunities only for the person selling them!

Which takes us to a good starting point. What are they trying to make out of you? A good home based Internet business should not be based on you paying up front. It should cost you nothing but your time, skills and effort. Yes, it will be commercial in the sense that the merchant will gain from it, but this should be in partnership with you in a win-win position where they ONLY gain if you do too!

That is where our TonerTopUp home based affiliate program scores. It costs you nothing to join and, because the ONLY reward you get is for the sales made by you and your team which benefit us, we both share common goals and we can't win unless you do too. It is a true win-win partnership!

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So what should you be looking for in the affiliate program and then how do you make a success of it?


Well, check out the market! Explore the advice you will find on the Internet.


You will find that you should look for a repeat purchase product, a consumable of some kind which people buy time after time. Ideally a real product not some kinky, knowledge based product that is no more than a downloadable file!

Linked with this you should get indefinite commission on the customers introduced by you and your team. So the program should be multi-level and with long term commission on the sales of the repeat purchase customers that you or your team have introduced.

The two together mean that you will get residual income from your efforts for a long time after you have made them - a golden goal of network marketing! TonerTopUp refill toner for laser printers is an ideal product! It is a high value, hard to find, repeat purchase, real product and our home based affiliate program pays indefinite and generous commissions and is a real business opportunity.

You should also look to multiply your efforts by building a team on whose efforts you will be rewarded. Notice that the rewards come from their efforts, their sales, and not just from recruiting them! Recruitment of more affiliates in itself earns no added value to the merchant and any reward for it is rightly suspect. But their sales do generate income and it is right that you should receive a reward for your role in recruiting them. The TonerTopUp home based income opportunity does just that, rewarding you on the sales of two levels deep of your team. This provides both a multiplier effect and another means of the golden residual income.

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Finally what about the work and skills involved? Well you won't get any sales or recruit any team unless you put in some intelligent work! Unfortunately that is unavoidable! There is no such thing as a free lunch! If its free and offering the earth without any work then it MUST be a scam!

The good part is that there is a wealth of information and assistance out there on the techniques used to build home based Internet businesses with some pretty detailed, practical instructions on how to generate traffic to a website and how to use that traffic to lead people to what they want to buy and maybe to become a member of your team. The brilliant thing about refill toner from TonerTopUp is that it saves all these people a lot of money, so there is no sale involved, just helping them discover the concept, it sells itself!

The Internet is new and it really is not hard to become an Internet marketing professional. Work to develop the skills and understanding you need to exploit the web and there is money for the making!

Joining our affiliate program is a good start!

Why not explore the possibilities now! nternet_Affiliate_Program bee

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Where do I find other afilliate schemes?

Make sure you pick schemes that are attractive to your target audience. Sources of other schemes are:

Commission Junction can provide you as a publisher with a huge number of opportunities from advertisers.

Also see the My Referer Network site.

Paradigm Red Shift are another provider of links that may be of value to you.

It is important that you have strong content on your pages and you have links to interesting and associated schemes. and provide a range of stationery related links that you may find useful.





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