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Refill toner UK.
Toner refills for your laser printer

Do-it-yourself with our refill toner, FAST!
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How to use refill toner?

The easiest way to refill toner! .....through the filler plug!

Put the refill toner into most Samsung toner cartridges like ML-1210, ML-1510, ML-1710, ML-4500, ML-4600 Series this way.
Also the refill method for many laser printer cartridges from Brother, Epson, Oki and more.

For quite a few other toner cartridges you need to undo a few screws to remove the end cover before you can reach the refill toner filler plug. We call these "unscrew, unplug and pour" types of refill. This applies to some Lexmark, Konica Minolta QMS, Ricoh, Sharp and Xerox models for instance.

Click on the links above for a list of models from that manufacturer or look in our refill toner product selector to see what type of fill method is used for your toner cartridge.


The "melt hole and pour" cartridge is also very easy to refill....

.......It takes about 6 seconds to make a neat hole once the tool has warmed up.


For most Hewlett Packard LaserJets, both mono and colour, plus a bunch more where the filler plug is concealed inside the cartridge, it is much easier to make a new hole than to disassemble the cartridge! You just melt your hole with the tool provided in our starter kit, pour the refill toner in and use a rubber grommet provided to seal the hole.

You can refill the majority of Hewlett Packard laser toner cartridges like this and the method applies to some Samsung and Xerox toner cartridges among others. Again, find your model in the product selector.

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What about the quality and how many times can I refill?

You probably have lots of questions. We have a lot of information on our Frequently Asked Questions page and you may be interested in our Warranties and Policies.

Fuller details of how to refill are found on our Refill Toner Instructions page and we send specific instructions for most models with your toner order. (As marked in the information shown in the product selector.)

If you have any other questions... or just want to make sure that we are actually human and exist!.... then do phone or email us. We will be happy to help!

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Environmental and cost saving benefits

Re-using your toner cartridges with our refill toner makes good environmental sense but above all saves you a lot of money. We list savings for a wide range of models in our cost benefit page and, against the list price, savings are up to 87%. More realistically you are unlikely to be paying full list price and you may already be buying remanufactured cartridges, so a better rule of thumb is to reckon on savings of about 50% on your actual cartridge cost.


The right refill toner for your laser printer, copier or fax model

We believe that we have the widest range of quality refill toners available to the public anywhere in the world. We have some 12,000 models listed in our product selector. If you cannot find your model there, just email us or telephone us (+44 (0) 1732 750 364). We will research the market and see what we can find for you.

Refill toners take a while to develop and so are not always available for the very latest models. If the toner for your model is not yet available we can take your details and let you know when it does become available.!

We are normally first to market with new products so register with us

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