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The items in your shopping cart are shown below. You may add or delete items, change the quantity for each item or add a Starter Kit using the buttons on the right. If you have a "source code" you should enter it here in the box provided.

When you are satisfied, use the "Continue with order" button to place the order. This will allow you to enter your contact information and present you with a choice of payment methods.
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To add an item select the link below. Putting an item in your shopping cart does not obligate you to purchase anything.

To add some toner for your laserprinter, copier or fax machine use this link!

Insurance and Special Delivery If you require guaranteed next day delivery or your order to be insured for more than £20. Special Delivery is an optional extra. You may order this by clicking the "Add Item" button above. Then choose the "Manufacturer" as "Other" and the "Model" as "Other" in the refill toner selector screen.

Overseas (Non UK) Visitors Note

We ship toner refills to anywhere in the world and if you are located outside of the United Kingdom you must select your country from the drop list and click the "Update Country" button. The Shopping Cart will then show the appropriate cost of packing and delivery and local tax will be deducted where appropriate. The cost of delivery is calculated on the total shipping weight of your order.

These prices are in pounds sterling (GBP). You can check the price in your local currency here. The GBP price will be converted at the current rate into your local currency by your credit card issuer. If paying by PayPal you can convert yourself when you reach the payment stage of the process.

Our normal "Starter Tool Kit" contains a soldering iron that needs a 240 volt power supply which may not be available in your country. It also contains heavy tools that cost a lot to ship overseas and are better purchased locally. We do NOT suggest that overseas customers buy our normal "Starter Tool Kit".

If your printer model is filled using the "Melt Hole and Pour" method then we advise you to choose instead our "Essentials Only Tool Kit" which contains only the specialised cutting tip for you to fit in a locally purchased soldering iron and 6 rubber plugs to seal the holes. You may order this by clicking the "
Add Item" button above. Then choose the "Manufacturer" as "Other" and the "Model" as "Other" in the refill toner selector screen. The Essentials only Starter kit is shown in the list that appears and is priced at GBP 4.50.

The Starter Kit is only needed for cartridges filled by the "Melt and pour method", and is priced at GBP £9.50 plus VAT. The fill method for each cartridge is shown on the refill toner selector page. To order a Starter Kit click the "Order starter kit" button. If you are from outside the UK please first read the note for Overseas Visitors to the left!

Please note that we do not supply Starter Kits on their own unless you have already ordered toner from us.


To change the quantity of an item, enter the number required and click the "Update" button for that line. You must repeat this for each line you wish to change!

To remove a line click the "Delete" button opposite the line you wish to delete.



TonerTopUp is a trading name of Smith and Young Sales Ltd
The White House, Toys Hill, Westerham, Kent TN16 1QG England
Telephone: 01732 750364
Email: paul - at -

Any names used on this web site are used for descriptive purposes and are hereby expressly acknowledged as the trademarks of their owner.
Toner bottles may contain more or less toner than is required for any specific model.
Prices are subject to change without notice from those displayed.