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Toner refills for laser printers, fax machines and copiers from the UK. We supply bottles of toner and laser printer refill kits to make refilling cartridges easy. Laser toner cartridges can be simply refilled several times to save you money. Environmentally friendly! Fujitsu HP Hewlett Packard Brother Canon Epson Lexmark Konica Minolta QMS OKI Samsung Xerox laser refill toner and many other types!

Fujitsu DEX 655 Fujitsu
Fujitsu DEX 655 Fujitsu Refill Toner Selector

TonerTopUp supplies laser toner refills for your Fujitsu DEX 655 Fujitsu laser printer, fax and copier toner cartridges.

Why refill your Fujitsu DEX 655 Fujitsu laser toner cartridges with refill toner rather than replace them?

Refilling your Fujitsu DEX 655 Fujitsu laser toner cartridges with refill toner will dramatically reduce your laser printing costs. By using our high quality refill toners you can cut your laser toner costs by up to 87%.

The number of Fujitsu DEX 655 Fujitsu laser toner refills possible depends on the individual laser toner cartridge, but as internal laser toner cartridge components are not disturbed several refills are often possible before components become worn. When a laser toner cartridge does eventually need replacing, any unused refill toner can be reclaimed for use in another one.

Filling your Fujitsu DEX 655 Fujitsu cartridges makes sense environmentally as well as economically, by reducing waste landfill and conserving raw materials This is recycling at its optimum, conserving both money and material resources and helping to preserve our planet for future generations.


Laserprinter Copier

It's not dead, just empty!


Please select the manufacturer of your printer, copier, fax or multipurpose machine from the left hand drop list. Then select the model from the list that appears in the right hand drop list. The available products for the model will appear in a table below. You must add the products for different models to your shopping cart one model at a time.


Products available for your model

The products that are available for the Fujitsu DEX 655 Fujitsu model are listed below. Select those you wish to add to your shopping cart in the red panel and then click the button below to add the selected items to your shopping cart. You may set the quantity of each item in the shopping cart itself. Please note that the product may well have a name unrelated to your model because many manufacturers use engines made by others for their machines and the toner relates to the engine used.

The starter kit of tools for cartridges filled with the "Melt hole and pour" method can be selected on the shopping cart page at a cost of £9.50. It is only required if the instructions are shown as "Melt hole and pour", otherwise the most you will normally need is a screwdriver or pair of pliers!



Please read the notes on the line below each product listing about the Fujitsu DEX 655 Fujitsu product carefully. It is here that you will be told of any complications with your model.


Code Name Grams Description Instructions Price (VAT excluded) Select?
BOT-DEX625-A Dex625 Type Toner 250 Bottle of compatible toner to refill your cartridge. Melt hole and pour 17.95
NOTES: We supply separate toner and developer. Usually the developer lasts for longer than the toner and you do not need to replace it. If the print is faded mix some developer with the toner. Specific instructions included. We suggest you also order a starter tool kit including a special tool for melting a hole in the cartridge using the button in the shopping cart.

The original Starter Cartridge may have a filler cap. A fuse is required to reset the OPC drum cartridge.
DEV-DEX625-A Dex625 Type Developer 130 Bottle of compatible developer to refill your cartridge. No instructions 9.95
NOTES: We also supply toner for this model. The developer usually lasts for longer than the toner. If the print is faded then you need to replace it.
FUSE-QMS2200 QMS 2200 Reset Fuse 5 Additional reset fuse. Additional fuse. We supply a reset fuse with toner 0.90
NOTES: For the Magicolor 2200/ Epson C1000 the reset fuse blows when the cartridge is placed in the printer and resets the page count. This fuse will also reset the drum count for both the Magicolor 2200 /Epson C1000 and 2300/Epson C900 models. It is also used to reset the Magicolor 7300 toner cartridges.

Export for overseas customers

We ship toner refills to anywhere in the world and the cost of local Value Added Tax ( VAT), where applicable, and of packing and delivery to your country will be added to your total in the shopping cart . You should select your country for delivery in the shopping cart from the drop down list and click the "Update Country" button. The cost of delivery is calculated on the total shipping weight of your order.


Price basis

These prices are in pounds sterling (GBP) without local Value Added Tax (VAT). The GBP price will be converted at the current rate into your local currency by our credit card handlers Sage Pay (Name has changed from Protx in April 2009) or PayPal.




TonerTopUp is a trading name of Smith & Young Sales Ltd
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Telephone: 01732 750364

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