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What on earth are "Scaled Sales"?!!

Do you pay the same commission on all products?

No! Because the profit margins are smaller on some of our products than on others, we do not pay the same commission on them all.

In order to pay the maximum amount that we can afford, we apply a scale factor to the sales value to arrive at the commissionable value of the sale. Each product has a "scale" factor of either 100%, 75%, 50% or 25% depending on the profit margin. It is calculated using a fixed formula according to our profit margin for the particular product.

We pay full maximum commissions totalling 22% (Scale factor of 100%) on about 70% of our bottled refill toner products. That is we pay 12% to the first level Affiliate, 8% to the second level Affiliate and 2% to the third level Affiliate.

On the other bottled toners and some other subsidiary products, like complete cartridges for instance, we pay a lesser commission because the profit margins are smaller and we cannot afford to pay the full 22% commission. On these products the sales value is multiplied by the scale factor percentage of 75%, 50% or 25% before calculating the commission. (For commission we exclude post and packing charges and Value Added Tax on all sales.)

This gives us flexibility to offer customers products at tighter margins if necessary and yet pay you really good commissions where we can afford it.

What are the commission rates?

The rates are 12% on sales made using your own Affiliate Code, plus 8% on sales made by your first level downline plus 2% on sales made by your second level downline.

So it is in your interest to get others to sign on as Affiliates in your downline and to encourage them to recruit as well. All the commissions are paid on the "scaled" sales using the scale factor affiliated with the particular product. As described above, about 70% of our refill toner products have 100% scale factors and pay the full maximum % commissions totalling 22% of the sales value to the three affiliate who may have contributed to the sale.

The commissions are payable on all sales made on the website or by phone from existing customers at the normal web price. Commission is not payable where the client buys at a trade or other discounted price.


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