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Trading Schemes,- Direct selling,  Network marketing, Multi-level marketing, MLM, Affiliate program"

The UK Legislative Context of Trading Schemes

What a trading standards office says!

Trading Schemes

Trading Schemes (also described as direct selling schemes, network marketing, multi-level marketing and other names) are a legitimate form of business activity offering individuals the opportunity to earn money by selling the scheme's goods or services from home. In some schemes, participants may earn additional commission by recruiting others to the scheme and from sales by their recruits.

However, trading schemes must comply with the provisions in Part XI of the Fair Trading Act as amended by the Trading Schemes Act 1996 and the Trading Schemes Regulations 1997.

Trading Schemes become illegitimate and illegal when, while purporting to trade in goods or services, their real purpose is to generate money by recruiting new participants.

This is often referred to as "pyramid selling" (but not all "pyramid" schemes are "pyramid selling"). Note that recruitment rewards are not in themselves unlawful. But it is unlawful to persuade someone that the main motive for joining a scheme is to profit from recruiting others or to take money from someone on the basis of such a motive.

The Department of Trade and Industry has issued a guidance booklet ''The Trading Scheme Guide'' which outlines the provisions of current legislation. It includes the following important questions for all potential participants to consider:

Affiliate program Do I understand what is being offered to me?

MLM, Do I know what I will have to pay?

Trading Schemes Do I understand that this is a self-employment opportunity and earnings will depend on the market and my efforts?

 Direct selling, Is there a demand for the products of the scheme and can I honestly recommend them to others?

Affiliate Program While I have a legal right to a contract, do I understand that, if things goes wrong, it will be up to me to enforce my rights?

Am I prepared to take the risk?

Should I seek independent advice before joining? (Compliance with the legislation does not mean that a scheme is commercially viable. Potential participants should seek independent and professional advice.)

This information has been copied from the website of Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council Trading Standards and is acknowledged as their copyright.

Pyramid scheme

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Now you are clear about what distinguishes a poor or illegal scheme from a genuine opportunity to earn from a home business opportunity you may like to look again at our TonerTopUp affiliate program!

You will find information about affiliate marketing in general and how our program fits in to this area of marketing on this page. It is a good place to start exploring our program!

Our Affiliate Sales Program's specifics page is probably a good place to continue!

You will find a lot more detailed information about our Program in the form of answers to frequently asked affiliate sales program questions in our FAQ page.

The actual Affiliate Program Agreement shows the legal contract. (A bit harder reading!)

Finally you may sign up as an Affiliate on our registration form.

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